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Mountain Biking in Nepal

Nepal Mountain BikingThe Himalayas, for their beauty, majesty and the friendly people who reside there, are considered to be a land of pilgrimage, spirituality, serenity and beauty. Ours is a journey that attempts to elevate us to experience this spirituality with an opportunity to also enjoy the rich culture of the four mountaindoms that make up the region. We will wonder forever at Mother Nature's majesty.

Bhutan, known locally as Drukyul (Land of Thunder Dragon), is one of the world's most exotic destinations. Located to the North of India and the South of Tibet, this country is the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom. Never colonized, Bhutan has eluded the influences of accelerated and heedless modernization, making it an extremely rare and unique travel destination. The experience of this spectacular country is a fusion of Buddhist tradition, breathtaking Himalayan landscapes and a unique architecture. Join us on this cultural tour of Bhutan.

Nepal is a stunning mountain kingdom nestled in the Himalayas between the two greats India and China. In addition to its spectacular setting, Nepal is rich in history and culture evidenced in its Palaces, Temples and Stupas that date back hundreds of years. In this tour we endeavour to explore all of this whilst enjoying the world-renown hospitality of the Nepalese people.

This trip provides a "hands on" experience of Tibet and is designed to expose us to the wonders of this fascinating land and her people. Our visits to Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse and Tingri, take us to the roof of the world to observe one of the most colourful and fascinating religions and cultures on earth. Tibet can best be discovered from Nepal and therefore it is ideal to combine this tour with a visit to Kathmandu.