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Jungle Safari in Nepal

Nepal Jungle SafariNepal has sixteen National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and Conservation Areas, occupying 16% of its total geographical area. Ranging from beautiful sub-tropical rainforests to delicate alpine ecosystems, a trip to Nepal is incomplete if you have not explored one of these unique environments.

While the mountains of the north boast some of the highest and most magnificent peaks in the world, the tropical jungles of the Terai, on the southern border with India, still preserve some of the best wildlife habitats on the subcontinent.

A large part of the Terai is still heavily forested, providing pristine habitats for numerous species and supplying soils rich in mineral deposits for cultivation by the increasing population in the lowland areas. Here, the landscape is severed by countless rivers. Originating as turbulent watersheds from the alpine valleys of the Himalayan range, these rivers carry the nutrients into the open flood plains and delta regions which attract a multiplicity of migratory and native species.

The National Parks on the Terai are home to a dazzling array of wildlife. Highlights include the one-horned rhino, tiger, elephant, red panda, snow leopard, fresh-water dolphin, crocodile, and a huge variety of bird-life. An unforgettable way to view the wildlife in the parks is by taking a dawn ride on elephant back, or in a dugout canoe down rivers which meander slowly on their way down to the Bay of Bengal over 1,000km away.

Idyllic settings, coupled with the colourful and warm hospitality of the varied ethnic groups living in and around the National Parks provide every reason you need to take an excursion into one of the finest wildlife zones in Asia.